Andy Mahbubani

I can’t stress enough how nice and accommodating they are. My brother and I got married within 6 months of each other and both of us got our engagement rings for our Fiancés there. Selection and service is unrivaled. I highly recommend working with Maggie or Mr. Tim Lewis himself!

-Andy Mahbubani

Lizzy King

Beautifully designed jewelry and very friendly staff! I could spend hours looking at each unique piece. All our experiences here have been top notch!

-Lizzy King

Connie Terrell

We purchased our rings 23 years ago. We love the staff as they are already courteous and very helpful when we have questions. We highly recommend them!

-Connie Terrell

Carla Folks

Thank you Bobbie and Tim for our custom wedding bands. Working with you was a great experience. We are very happy with our rings.

-Carla Folks